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Which luxe real estate magazine should you chose ?

If you are looking for luxe real estate, you may have searched online for agencies's websites. Or maybe you even walked into one of them to meet agents. However nothing is as enjoyable as a luxe real estate magazine that can be read next to the fireplace or on the beach in order to take your time. But which one should you read ?

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Residences immobilier magazine

The luxe real estate review in France

Résidences immobilier fait partie des plus grands portails immobiliers français et propose, en plus de son site, une revue publiée chaque mois comportant 200 à 250 pages. Vous y trouverez non seulement des dizaines d’annonces mais également des interviews avec des experts du secteur qui vous aideront à prendre la meilleure décision. Cette revue immobilière de luxe propose uniquement des bien situés en France et à Monaco.

Our agency, Amanda Properties, gets published each month in their luxe real estate magazine. You can check their reviews here..

Keller & Joseph Magazine

Real estate review on the French Riviera

The Keller & Joseph Beach produces each year a magazine printed 50 000 times and shared by several beaches, restaurants and event related places on the French Riviera. The 150 pages of the Keller & Joseph magazineare composed of luxe properties for sale on the French Riviera but also include articles about interior design, art and travelling.

If you're not around in France to grab the latest Keller & Joseph magazine, you can read them online on the Keller Beach Magazine website.Here is one of their articles about our real estate agency Amanda Properties :

photographie d'une plage avec la mer

The "Tourism in Provence" magazine

About stones and wine

The Tourism in Provence review is a magazine showcasing all king of activities on the French Riviera, especially those related to wine and seasonal luxe rentals in the region. Over a 130 pages of entertainment published each year.

Lisez gratuitement les cinq dernières éditions du Cahier du Tourisme en Provence au bas de leur page d’accueil. Voici un exemple d’article au sujet de notre agence immobilière Amanda Properties :

The real estate review by Amanda Properties

Our online luxe real estate magazine

Our agency produces its own reviews about luxe real estate. Specialized into luxe real estate on the French Riviera, we release 30 pages per edition, each time about our properties for sales and the local real estate market trends. To get one, simply go toour real estate e-books and download them for free !

So which real estate magazine should you chose ?

There's no quick answer, it all depends on what you are looking for :

  • List ofreal estate ads in France : Residences immobilier Magazine
  • List ofads on the French Riviera : Keller & Joseph
  • Discover the region PACA : the Tourism in Provence review
  • Real estate market analysis and ads in Cannes (& surroundings) : Amanda Properties

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