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Technology and real estate : new sale tools

Before internet, most purchases were done through word of mouth, press advertisements and by stepping into physical real estate agencies... Nowadays over 80% french inhabitants research their next residence online.Most of them consider that the new technologies used in real estate have an influence on their purchase choices..

In this article, we will cover four modern tools used in real estate : artificial intelligences such as Chat GPT, Midjourney and Vizcom for instance, drones able to shoot wide pictures from above and VR visits.

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Artificial intelligence and real estate

The amount of money invested yearly in the development of artificial intelligence has increased 20 folds between 2013 and 2021 (up to 217 billion dollars). Its use cases for real estate are multiple :

  • Chatbot

    Linked through API to your website, app or software, a chatbot is able to answer your user's questions when support members are not available. Using Hyro or Chat GPT 4, it is even possible to teach your chatbot by providing it your data or on the way it should chat (friendly, in english, based on the UK current laws...)

  • Investment advisor

    ChatGPT-4, Entera and Keyway are able to analyse charts and provide suggestions on how you should invest in real estate regarding the current market's state. Of course, you should have some knowlege and mostly rely on your skills. At Amanda Properties, our agents can help you find the best real estate investments on the French Riviera.

  • Database

    Cherre and ChatGPT (once again) are able to seach from several sources and to analyse studies in a few seconds. With a paid subscription they will even show their sources. You could use them to value the price of a property in a particular district for instance.

  • Behavior tracker

    Trulia and Google Analytics are able to track your user's behavior on your real estate website. They can tell which content and properties hold the most attention in order to favor that type of content.

  • Real estate website

    Thanks to Github Copilot and ChatGPT, coding and building websites is now easier than ever. However one should still have a foundation in order to understand languages like HTML or CSS.

Chat GPT for real estate

The most famous artificial intelligence is without any doubt Chat GPT. Most if its users are using it as a search engine like Google in order to get quick answers to their questions. Furthermore, this tool can be introduced into any website, app or software thanks to an API. For real estate, this technology has lots of use cases :

  • Help with real estate transactions

    Thanks to its abilty to crawl information on official websites, one can tell Chat GPT to provide specific information. Here's an example : "By searching on governmental websites at least updated in 2023, can you tell me if I have the right to rent an appartment in Cannes with a low energetic score such as G on the DEP ?"

  • Real estate document analysis

    By providing your real estate files to chatGPT (mandates, rental contracts...), you can ask him if they seem legal the country where the property is located. If it detects an error, you could speak about its findings with a juridic expert (lawyers, notaries...) in order to avoid any issue.

  • Generating ideas

    Even though I enjoy writing this article all by myself, I could have asked Chat GPT to do it. This revolutionary technology can conceive content such as real estate e-books on its own ! However it is often generic and does not quote facts or statistics (at least for the moment).

Generative AI for real estate

A generative artificial intelligence is able to create an image, a sound, a video or even a 3D object from a simple prompt and based on the data he has been trained on. Here are some examples of AI use cases for real estate :

photo d'une maison dans un arbre

Midjourney and Adobe Firefly : describe the image you have in mind (a luxurious wooden house built in the trees for example) ; you will get 4 images a few seconds later.Many functions can further be used to make changes in order to obtain the wanted effect.

Photoshop : photo editing is required in real estate. It is used to correct light, colors and angles or artefacts caused by the camera. Several "Neural Filters" can speed up the work and new tools like "Generative Fill" can easily get rid of a bird in the middle of my sea view picture.

photo d'une maison rose sur une montagne sombre
dessin et rendu 3D d'une maison de luxe sur fond uni jaune

Vizcom draw your dream house (no talent required) and start a generation in Vizcom in order to get a realistic 2D render out of your drawing.In this software, you can change and improve the results until you're satisfied. This can help architectures find inspiration or choose materials.

Maket : an amazing tool for architects ! You only need to provide the constraints of the building (20 m2 room with two doors, a 4 m2 bed and a 2 m2 closet for instance) and it will generate 4 plans ready to be used or at least inspire.


Real estate and technology on the field

Notre équipe Amanda Properties sort chaque jour sur le terrain : que ce soit pour rencontrer des investisseurs, réaliser des visites, participer à des évènements et prendre des photos ainsi que des vidéos pour mettre en valeur les biens immobiliers que les vendeurs nous confient. Pour prendre ces photos et vidéos immobilières, nous utilisons une autre “technologie de l’immobilier” : le drone.

Drone for real estate

Photographers can't espace gravity whereas drones take the skies in order to shoot aerial pictures of properties.Those visuals allow a global view on the building and to understand its architecture in a glance. At Amanda Properties we use a drone on almost every real estate shooting.

In order to pilot them, a permit and mandates from the local mayor can be required.Indeed, it is forbidden to fly over public spaces, other private properties (neighbors) or to use some drones based on their size. At Amanda Properties, we use a Parrot drone (french brand) but we recommend the DJI parrot brand for clients starting their pilot journey.

Virtual Reality and real estate

photo d'une personne portant un casque de réalité virtuelles

In France, 38% of the inhabitants looking for a property tried a virtual visit,36% of them used an investment simulator and 19% watched 3D renders of the property. This real estate technology allows to discover a house or apartment without traveling (thus save precious time and money, which most investors lack).

Two solutions are mainly used for virtual real estate visits :

  • Live video call a live video call allows the real estate agent to show the property in real time. To set this up he needs to plan an appointment , drive to the property and start the call (with WhatsApp, Google Meet, Teams, Skype or any other live call tool).
  • "Street View" visit : even though most of the visit is done inside the building, "Street View" stands for a virtual visit where the website visitor moves just like you would using Google Earth. By clicking on arrows on the floor, he changes his position ; by dragging his mouse, he rotates the camera. A 360° camera and many shots are required to set this solution up.

At Amanda Properties, we only offer live calls for buyers who's identities have been checked and seem serious enough.Street view does not meet our confidentiality standards : few sellers are ready to show anyone the insides of their luxurious property. Indeed theft is a major risk.

To sum up this article about technology and real estate, I want to underline that all these tools do not replace humans : they only make our work faster and allow us to handle more clients. Indeed, at the moment a knowledge foundation is still required for each of those tools and one needs some time to study and learn how to use them properly.

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